Protect Your Marriage with a Cell Phone Jammer

With the ever-increasing development of our society, more and more strange situation had emerged as ever before as well as new generate words. Today I would like to share a new and hot word with you―Marriage economics. Marriage economics is the practice of regarding marriage as a process of looking for a target “buyer,” exploring the demands of the two sides, agreeing on conditions and signing a contract. This makes marriage just like nothing but a naked money deal. Well, for those who advocated the paramount importance of love it is somewhat heart-broken, but we could not deny the truth.

But only a paper of marriage contract can really give your assurance just like the insurance? Can this paper can assure you that you will share happiness and bitterness together? Sense of security and honesty are not only depend on this black and white, they rely on your love. But with the appearance of marriage economics, all these have gone forever. Your spouse will trace you through the GPS, cell phone and so on. And as a way to hit back, you will use a GPS jammer and a cell phone jammer to him or her.

Well, marriage should not like this. It is terrible! The only way to maintain the freshness of love and marriage is love, love your spouse, love your kids and love your family! I believe in this way, you can not only gain love and marriage but also a beneficiary of marriage economics.

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